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Educating for a Lifetime and Beyond

Elfrieda Hintze

Elfrieda Hintze and polar explorer Will Steger at a Science Museum of Minnesota event.
Photo: Jana Noonan

Elfrieda Hintze is a woman who has dedicated her life to education and learning. She was a teacher for 46 years, and she always found a way to work with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

She and her husband have been involved with the museum since the 1950s, and she would often take her students on field trips there. Now she has designated a gift from her IRA to the museum.

"Science is at the center of learning, and the children always had a very good time. They always wanted to know when we were going to go back," Elfrieda says.

She has come to know the museum well and knows the services it offers to the community are indispensable. She used them often in her classroom, and sometimes the museum was the classroom.

"They would always work with me," she explains. "We would see the movies; we would take their lessons. Sometimes they'd run lessons based on what I was teaching."

The museum staff really love what they do, she says. They are welcoming, committed to their work and easy to work with, so giving the museum money was an easy decision for her to make.

"I want my money to keep benefiting the children," Elfrieda says. "There's a spark in them when they're having fun learning. They're inquisitive. They're curious, and learning has to be fun for them."

Turn on the science for Minnesota youth. Contact Jennifer Scholl at (651) 221-4502 to learn how you can include a gift to the Science Museum of Minnesota in your estate plan to make a lasting impact and benefit children.