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Passing Science on to Future Generations

Hal and Luann Muller

Hal and Luann Muller shared a passion for science. It's why the couple included a gift to SMM in their long-term financial plans.

Science holds a special place in Luann Muller's heart. A retired nurse who served the Minneapolis Department of Health for almost 40 years, Luann has a strong science background and appreciation. Both she and her late husband, Hal, shared a passion for science. Together, Luann and Hal made their first visit to the Science Museum of Minnesota—an experience that led to many more visits.

"Museums like this provide a connection to the past," Luann says. "You get to see things that you may not otherwise get to see. That's something I really love."

SMM's commitment to science education resonated with both Luann and Hal. For many years, Hal, an elementary school teacher, brought his students to the museum on field trips. "There were so many things he could have his students learn about," Luann says. "They could learn how things work. They could learn about new things that they never knew existed."

When Luann and Hal began finalizing their long-range financial plans, SMM came to mind. "We thought about what we'd like to see happen with our help," Luann says. "We thought science education should get more emphasis and exposure."

Luann and Hal named SMM a beneficiary of their retirement plan assets. "Giving this gift gives me hope that the museum will survive and be there for a long time," Luann says.

Like Luann and Hal, you can make the Science Museum of Minnesota a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets to help further science education. Contact Jennifer Scholl at (651) 221-4502 or to learn about your giving options.