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Education Enhanced at the Science Museum

Lety and Lowell Gillette

Lety and Lowell Gillette have included the Science Museum in their estate plan. They want future generations to benefit from all the Science Museum offers.

Lowell and Lety Gillette, longtime supporters of the Science Museum of Minnesota, take a family-first approach to life. Family is important to the museum, as well, and it shows. The programs and exhibits directly and indirectly encourage and enhance the education of the community, including the Gillettes.

Lowell and Lety have been members of the Science Museum for more than 40 years. They have made a gift in their estate plan to benefit the museum and keep the science going.

Lowell especially appreciates the technology camps he and his family have enjoyed. "We'll never catch up with the kids, but we can learn some things," he says.

They want the museum to always be able to offer the benefits of its educational programs.

"The summer camps have been really important to us. I want the museum to be successful," Lowell says.

Lety is from Guatemala, and she is touched by how dedicated the museum is to making its exhibits culturally as well as scientifically accurate.

Lowell adds that, without a doubt, the museum is very professional in what it develops.

"We need a faith in the future that we cannot see. If you want to do something today to reap benefits down the road, then you need to invest in the science museum," he says.

The couple will always be members, Lety says. "We love it, and it's a great thing for Minnesota."

Turn on the science: Inspire learning. Inform policy. Improve lives. Please contact Jennifer Scholl at (651) 221-4502 or to learn about your giving options and support the museum into the future.