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Cultivating Curiosity Through Science

Sid Munson

Sid Munson left a legacy gift for the Science Museum

Curiosity is second nature to Sid Munson. Reading nonfiction books and completing crossword puzzles are favorite pastimes. To Sid, the Science Museum of Minnesota is a haven for those like him who possess curious minds.

Although a longtime museum visitor, Sid experienced a renewed appreciation for the space after his wife passed away.

"One day, I found myself at SMM and was struck by the sounds of excitement and enthusiasm," Sid says. "I spent more and more time there and, after exploring further, was hooked."

The museum's uplifting atmosphere encouraged Sid to become involved. He's been contributing to the museum since 2000.

"Because of my rural background, I was drawn to the outreach program that provides transport to SMM for statewide students," he says. "This program makes it possible for kids outside the Twin Cities to experience SMM."

Commitment to educational advancement is a tradition in Sid's family. Through a gift in an estate plan, known as a bequest, Sid's brother established a scholarship endowment for St. Olaf College students studying physics and math. A chance encounter with one of these scholarship recipients at the Science Museum inspired Sid to make a legacy gift to the museum.

"That experience was quite amazing—one that I'll never forget," he says. "Giving a legacy gift to this most wondrous place became an easy decision."

Like Sid, you can include the Science Museum of Minnesota in your estate plan to ensure that our programs continue for future generations. Contact Jennifer Scholl, at (651) 221-4502 to learn about your giving options.